ServicesLogoLogo Design / Brand Development

Our design process, including a thorough creative brief, experienced designers and knowledgeable design consultants, ensures your branding will evoke the emotional response you desire to attract the right customers for your business

HRBiz Cards

Biz Card Design

Why even bother taking the risk of looking anything less than a professional? Having a professionally designed business card will go a very long way in getting you the business you so very much desire. We are experts in providing you with that powerful look.

HR Flyers

Flyers, Poster Design

You need to get the word out. But your word has to more than just needs to actually be heard! With our professional flyer and poster design services, you'll never have to worry about not being heard again.

HR Brochures

Brochure Design

A brochure is a powerful piece of sales or promotional material that has the potential to truly boost your business. Not having a top notch designed one however, will hurt more than help. Avoid the risk by using our talents to aid in the process.


CD Package Design

When your going to put it on disc for your audience to receive you, it better look visually appealing or else they wont even bother looking for whats on it, even if its the hottest music or greatest information ever produced. We'll make sure that your audience will look.


EbookEbook Design

In the real world, nobody ever buys a book without a cover. Same goes in the online world. Sales increase ever more with a great cover design. We'll make sure yours is top notch so that you dont end up leaving money on the table just because of poor design.


WebsiteWebsite Design and Development

You need a web presence these days to even be considered as a serious business person. Think how much more serious you'll be taken with a top tier site design? The answer is obvious. We will make sure you are as serious as they come.


iPhoneiPhone and Application Development

With almost the entire world having an iPhone these days, you're missing out on the party if you aren't taking advantage of that digital audience. FFMM will create your app and get you ready to do big things in the app store.


MyspaceMyspace Layout Design

Myspace is in the top 5 of all web traffic. Take advantage of it by having a top notch layout that gets oohs and aahs from every visitor that visits your profile. We can make this happen for you with no problems.


WordpressWordpress Template Design

The powerful wordpress platform is being utlized by tons of webmasters, experienced as well as novice. We can make sure your blog has a high aesthetic and gets the readers very interested to keep coming back for more.